School sponsorship

Living at home and going to school

In Nepal there are many underprivileged children who do have either one or two parents that are loving and caring, and for whom it is safe to live within their family environment. But sending those children to school can be a major challenge for the parents.

That’s why we started up our external school sponsoring program. We collaborate with severall schools in the neighborhood and pay the monthly fees and other school expenses directly to them. The school uniforms are sewn in our own tailoring workshop. We follow up on the children’s progress with the school management.

Thanks to this initiative there are already quite a number of children who can go to school and still stay with their family and we would like to expand this program in the near future. The monthly contribution we need for one child is 15€.

In some cases, especially if it concerns single parents, we take the children into day care so that the parent can go working during daytime and pick-up the children in the evening. Those children only sleep in their parents' home, the rest is provided by us. For them we need a monthly contribution of 90€ (15€ for school and 75€ for accommodation)

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